This post could also be called "How to Wear a Onsie." Alternately, things that are more awesome than you thought possible. Or, when you feel like crap, get up, dress up, blah blah blah (remember this?

Obviously, I'm like a little kid who refuses to wear anything but this jacket, sue me... It's amazing
These shoes are the hottest shoes I know. I can barely walk in them, but I can barely walk period so who cares! Whee! I also have on 14 pounds of make-up because I spent all day practicing eye make-up from Pinterest. Am I the only one who feels like they always make it seem easier than it really is??

Anyways...If you want to be my twin (and I WOULD LOVE THAT) here's where to score all this cool stuff:

Blue Leather Jacket & Printed Jumpsuit (Zara) Fringe Purse (H&M on sale for $15) 
Mint Suede Heels (Jeffrey Campbell from NastyGal)