Do I ever wake up on a grey, foggy cold SF morning and think to myself - "Gee, self, I can't wait to drag myself out of this warm comfy snugglefest and go workout..." (Well, yes, sometimes, but let's pretend I'm normal) 

Do I ever wake up and think, "I can't wait to put on my hot pink pants." HECK YEAH. 

Cute, flattering workout clothes have always been hugely motivational to me. There is something very motivating about having something adorable to put on that makes it easier to do that whole exercise thing.

I also have discovered that while I HATE running, I love dancing. Last night while the Fen was handling his business, I had an aggressive, solo dance party. So if you ever see a crazy girl hopping and twirling around the Marina in bright pink pants - definitely say hi. XOxo

P.S. This post is inspired by current blog obsession, Adrianne Ho of SweatTheStyle. While clearly genetically blessed the girl works it HARD, her recipes are awesome, her taste in music flawless, and everything she does is inspirational. 

Neon Beanie, Old Navy Perfect Tank (my absolute all time favorite tanks of all time), Lululemon Flow Y Bra & Reversible Pants, Nike Shoes, Rayban Sunglasses & Maybelline Babylips in Fruit Punch