Now, I know I am spoiled rotten lucky. One of the ways I am spoiled rotten lucky is that I have the coolest mom in the world who happens to be the greatest hairdresser of all time. Yes, that is definitely part of the reason I have been able to transition from bald to banging in so many fun and exciting ways.

Remember the blonde uber pixie? The truth is that this hot look started when my hair grew in all patchy and I decided a nice super blonde would hide the bald spots better than my dark hair. And then it just became awesome. My mom mixed a special blend of colors so that my hair was neither brassy nor totally destroyed or fried - protecting my sensitive baby hairs and my easily irritated scalp. Never once did I have a problem (but check with your doctor before you attempt this!!)

And, how about these banging ombre highlights? She used a combination of balayage and ombre plus other highlighting techniques to create this awesome natural look. When your hair is a million different lengths because you refuse to let anyone do anything but the most minor of tiny haircuts, these highlights made the style look totally cool and deliberate....

And of course, this last week I decided I wanted EVEN MORE, and so, she did a three step process to give me this gorgeous color blend.

But I think a personal favorite of mine was the extensions, which I wore during a very awkward mullet growing out phase, when my hair was only about 3 inches all around.

My hair length was just very short for extensions - especially the non-damaging beaded kind (where the hair is not glued/sewn in which can pullout/damage the natural hair.) But my mom did it, because Kathy is amazing. She has magic powers.

So, with access to all of this goodness, when it comes to my wedding hair, whelp, the skys the limit! I can do ANYTHING. I mean literally anything.

I have months and months to make a decision but my top choices are on this pinterest board, creatively titled "wedding hair."

I think wedding hair extensions are the perfect option for anyone who wants longer/thicker hair or even a complicated updo! Most people do not have enough hair to make these gorgeous updos, which is why all the models and celebrities use extensions. And of course, if you're near the SF Bay Area, I strongly recommend my mama (aka Kathy) and the beautiful, sun-drenched Sixth Avenue Salon in SF's elegant lake district. I feel no shame at this deliberate pandering because a) it's my mom and b) she's amazing.  Oh, and if you mention this blog (and me!) she'll give you a great discount.

xoxox lots of love