It's been about two weeks of the eat in challenge. I  have spent an average of about $5.95 per meal for HF and myself... and that includes the one cheat meal a week we allowed ourselves.

Compared to the $20 (minimum) that a delivery or eat-out meal costs and, WOOF. Savings.  I mean over a year (365 * 3 = 1,095 meals a year) that $14 savings would be over $15, 000. Holy smokes.

Now, that is a great motivation to continue on this path of righteous home cooking... but THERE'S MORE. I have lost about 5 pounds in these two weeks. Partly from food, partly from not being all gassy and bloated from eating the things that aggravate my sensi-tummy, partly because all this clean eating has given me tons of energy, which means I walk, exercise, and dance more. The dancing mostly happens in my living room alone to this song, but whatever. It's WORKING. All the stars are aligning in my healthy favor. I feel gooooood.

So, here's some highlights from the #eatinchallenge. You can also follow along with my on my instagram those likes really make my day (and yes, I post tons of things there that don't make it to the blog/facebook)

Hope your New Year's Resolution is going as well as mine is!


Handful of frozen mango*
Handful of frozen pineapple*
1/2 cup of yogurt
splash of applesauce

Toss in a blender until smooth.

*use the frozen stuff in a bag from the grocery store! In the winter it's the best way to get the good stuff from fruits and veg because these are picked and flash frozen at the peak of their growing season - preserving all those great nutrients!!


I'm not gonna lie, I've made this recipe (from this pin) FOUR DAYS IN A ROW. It is just so easy.

I am absolutely in love with all of Chung Ah's recipes from her amazing blog Damn Delicious... definitely must read!

P.S. I modified the recipe and left out the milk (because I didn't have any) and also tried using heavy whipping cream (because I did) and both turned out amazing!


Yes, I already posted this one here, but I got some great feedback from the homies and readers and so I wanted to update (UPGRADE)

Instead of paprika:

- add cinnamon and garlic salt
- add a sprinkling of grated parmesan and dried basil
- add coarsely chopped garlic and parsley for sweet potato GARLIC fries

I had my girls over to watch the GIRLS season premier, but with it being a (lazy) sunday and also a 49ers playoff game I knew it was going to be a simple meal. Big green salad and bowl of pasta. Check. Easy? yes. Boring? yup. So I added this fancy looking crisp for the salad (or the pasta) and boom. Plus I literally made it in the time it takes to boil the water.

So, how do I make them? Heat the oven to 350. Put some non-stick spray on some aluminum, or use parchment paper (sans spray) and make little piles of shredded parmesan cheese. Bake for 6-10 minutes, depending on your oven. Remove and allow to cool a bit (they get crispier.)

Also don't forget this awesome Paleo Cheese Biscuit Recipe!