Prosciutto is basically bacon's skinny cousin. Same salty, fatty goodness - but sliced thinner. Get it?

But really, prosciutto is the deli sections answer to portion control. A little bit of salt and fat is OK, possibly even good for you.   I find that when I'm trying to eat clean, I still need to feel a little luxurious in my dining. Deprivation just is not my style. This treat is luscious, easy to make, and feels really indulgent. But the ingredients are all whole and natural, and the calorie hit is not going to ruin my day and make me feel full and sluggish.

I like to pick prosciutto that just has two ingredients - pork and salt. The Trader Joe's brand is a personal favorite and the whole package only has 270 calories.

Pack of proscuitto
8 oz pack of raspberries

Separate the meat from the waxed paper it comes in. Roughly rip the pieces in half using your fingers, then fold it in half and roll it around the raspberry. Try to let a few make it to the plate before you eat them all.