So, I am not a big resolver, but this year HF asked me to work on some resolutions with him. Never one to miss a chance to do anything with that hot guy, I decided to give it some thought. What did I want to work on? Number 1 for me is health - duh, obvi. But there were other things too. I'm still not back at work full time, so I would love to be saving more money and spending less. Plus I would love to spend more time with friends and family... and so, THE GREATEST RESOLUTION OF ALL TIME came to mind.

We are going to eat at home more.

When you eat at home you control the ingredients you put into your food - which means you can make it healthier and fresher. I could avoid the things that tend to make me feel yucky (greasy/heavy food, gluten, overly spiced stuff) and also get more of the things that make me feel great (fruits, fresh leafy greens, protein.)

Plus, for the cost of about 3 going out meals for the two of us, we could buy enough for a weeks worth of breakfast/lunch/dinner at home. Cha ching.

On top of that - eating at home means we spend more time together having interesting conversation. Having people over for dinner is a great way to really get some face to face QT.

But how do you measure "eat at home more"? I always try to have clear, measurable goals. And so... the 25 day eat in challenge was born. Why 25 days? Because we are going to Hawaii for a wedding, and goals should also be realistic and achievable, right? But I digress. For the next 25 days, we will be dining at home. We have a fridge chock full of luscious produce, a meal plan (which helps with minimizing waste and grocery shopping) and a clear definite goal. Plus all the glorious recipes Pinterest has to offer.

What's your resolution?? Want to join us :) As we say around our house "teamwork makes the dream work"