I've had a profound personal realization about my sense of style which is that I basically dress like I'm on vacation all the time. Not having the sort of "job" that requires anything of the "professional" variety I have accrued a wardrobe that's sole purpose is to delight me.

I basically wear two colors, black and neon. Neon comes in various shades but the end of the day it's all same same. Neon is surprisingly versatile in a wardrobe that consists mostly of black, white, grey and fluorescent. It makes things feel special. Since this was a special weekend it called for my most special attire.

I also want to extol the virtue of the maxi dress, because it is the essential transition piece for flying (especially when shifting from tropical to more temperate climates) this one in particular has seen more airports than my roller board. Did I wear a bikini on the plane so as to maximize pool time? Yes. Am I apologetic? Absolutely not. Do I think we should all rebel and start a tech colony on Hawaii called silicon pool? Abso-freakin-lutely.