I just finished devouring my monthly magazine delivery, many of which featured some kind of hair section. If I was lucky there would be a small sidebar on "short hair." Followed by 17 pages of how to do cool things to long hair. I felt a personal need to correct this injustice! There are TONS of things you can do with short hair. (Like this or this)All that it really takes is a little experimentation and the right styling tools!

A really great Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner (I'm obsessed with the L'oreal Volumetry line)
A strand plumping serum ( I love this one by Alterna)
A setting serum (I can't live without Living Proof Prime Style Extender)
Hairspray (I love the smell and gentle hold of Dry Bar Money Maker)
A small curling iron & hairdryer
A round brush & Bobby pins 

Wash & condition hair in shower. Towel dry hair and then mix together the two serums and spread it through your hair. Careful not to overdue (a pea size drop of each - max!) Flip your head upside down and holding the nozzle as far away from your head as possible, dry your head. If you can, run a small round brush through your hair while you dry it (pulling tight when you hit the strands with hair)

When hair is totally dry, flip it back over. Lightly mist the whole head with hairspray. Wait a minute or two to let it dry, that tackiness will help the curls hold. Pin back the top layer of hair (I use bobby pins but whatever you have handy) Starting from your face grab a tiny piece of hair (one to two centimeters width!) and then wrap it around the barrel - alternating directions towards and away from your face and keeping the barrel at an angle from your head (not straight up!) Give those curls another mist then pull down the next layer and repeat. Be really light with the hairspray! You don't want crunchy curls.

The trick with this look is patience  - when you have long hair you can grab big chunks and go to town with them. With short hair you need to take lots of tiny pieces and the sheer number of sections will make this take a little time. Trust me, if you rush by trying to take bigger pieces this wont work.

When your whole head is curled, flip it over again and hit it with the cool feature on your
 hair dryer. Run your fingers through the curls. And ta da! Beachy, sexy waves for short hair!