I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret. My hair is not as long as it looks. Normally people who have bobs like mine have hair that extends from the top of the crown to the chin (7-9 inches) Mine is a about 5 at it's longest point.

What I have done is mastered the art of creating an optical illusion that blends my shorter top layers into the overal style to achieve those extra inches. In reality it's like I have bangs that go all the way around. 

Part of what made this possible is that I never cut it during the always mullet period. Instead I had extensions (remember that?) but I also have relied on some blow dry voodoo magic and an amazing selection of bobby pin assisted twists, braids and pull backs. 

These styles were essential in aiding me through my growing out phase... 


Flip your head over and blow dry your hair upside down until it's about 3/4 dry. Take a small round brush and grab sections (starting at the top and working your way down) Roll the section of hair around the brush and then hit it with the dryer until it's TOTALLY dry. When you've done the whole head, run a straightening iron lightly over the top to smooth in the shorter layers. Then brush your hair back from your forehead and spritz with hairspray or dry shampoo (something for the headband to grip onto) slide on he band and tada! 


This is a great second day style after the headband. 

Take a tiny curling iron and wrap sections of hair around the barrel, alternating directions. 

Make a deep side part. Take tiny sections of hair and make a French braid (the trick is to use small sections since the hair is so short) and to use bobby pins liberally by sliding them down, into the braid. Don't worry about perfection, this look is best messy. The pins will also give you more "hair" since they'll add bulk to the braid. Liberally spray with hairspray or dry shampoo, and you are set! 


A great 3-4-5 day style (as a devotee of dry shampoo I was my hair about once a week) this look works best on dirty hair. Take that flat iron and run it over your whole head. Make a side part and using hair spray the brush the short top layers back from your face. Secure liberally with bobby pins, alternating up and down (this keeps those little strands in place) and then spray liberally with a clear dry shampoo to secure (at this point hairspray is a little too "dirty") 

Take the straightening iron and take tiny sections of the loose hair. Straighten slowly, using a small comb to pull the hair taught.