If you're like me, you want something sweet, warm and filling in your belly when it's cold outside. You probably are also fighting a constant battle between heavy, calorie laden "seasonal food", "party food", "edible gifts" and all those other gooey things conspiring to make you feel like a stuffed turkey - just when you are also enlisted in a string of events that has you slipping into one party dress and velvet cocktail number after another. So, I came up with this recipe for the times when I want something with all the seasonal, belly warming, comfort of the season but also want to fit into my clothes come January.

In addition to being hella easy (a pre-req for my recipes) it also keeps for about a week in the fridge stored in an adorable mason jar, so I make a big pot and feast on it all week long.

3 sweet potatoes
1/2 white onion
Pam spray
1 carton chicken or vegetable broth
spices to taste (I throw in whatever's handy, nutmeg, basil, oregano, garlic salt, Mrs. Dash, whatever)
nonfat yogurt (optional garnish)
chopped green onion (optional garnish)

Calories (without garnish) about 385 for THE WHOLE POT (makes between 4-8 servings depending)