Now, the internet is filled with helpful wedding planning timelines, but not one of them includes what's number one on my to do list - make my skin look the best it's ever looked.

I spent most of my life blessed with pretty good skin and then hurricane chemo came along and suddenly I had to deal with premature aging AND acne the likes of which I haven't suffered since high school. (Remember this?)

I decided what my routine really needed was a weekly mask - something that would help out with all of the above issues, but also meet my new rigorous standards for natural ingredients. I also wanted something that would feel good on my face (during AND after! no stinging!) and would smell good. I was looking for the whole package. So I set out on my quest. I read about a million reviews online, poured over beauty blogs (and wedding blogs) and then visited my local Sephora to exploit their generous sampling policy. After several months of testing (and a few losers that left my face looking - thank you Joyce - like an old rubber band) I have found a winner:

Tata Harper - Resurfacing Mask

Read the reviews for this product online and you will think that angels made this from unicorn feathers. That's how much people love it. And after using it once a week for two months, I have to say I am a convert.
The smell is VERY floral, but quite delicious. It's clear, so I can wear it around the house when fiance is home without hiding in shame in the bathroom. And of course, my skin looks kind of amazing.

It's also made from all natural ingredients that reads like a smoothie recipe:

-Pink Clay: Reduces pore size, detoxifies, and tones without stripping the skin. 
-Beet Extract: Promotes hydration in the outer layers of the skin, helping increase elasticity. 
-White Willow Extract: Gently exfoliates, relieves red skin, and refreshes the skin's appearance. 
-Aloe Vera: Naturally stimulates healthy cell growth, repairs damaged tissues, and hydrates the skin. 

Here's some pictures of my skin post mask. (Full disclosure: I have a little bit of Benefit Oxygen Wow Foundation, which I used as an under-eye concealer, and Nars Blush in Torrid.)

I'm still looking for a good daily moisturizer, so if you have suggestions PLEASE send them my way!