Can you believe it's been over a year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer? Me neither. Sometimes it feels like a million years, sometimes it feels like last week. So much has happened, all of which you can read about on the blog, but in honor of October and Breast cancer awareness month I wanted to give you a loving nudge.

Nobody but you (and maybe a lucky someone) gets to feel your breasts everyday- which means nobody but you  can notice right away if something changes. It's not hard, no fancy charts or weird hand motions. Just pay attention in the shower, maybe notice how your cycle effects them and then notice if something feels different. Weird. Not normal. Whatever that means for you. 

Until there's a better tool for young women to detect breast cancer this is our best and only option. Breast cancer kills young women because by the time we have a large noticeable lump, the cancer is pretty advanced. But if we can take control of our own bodies and just stay aware, we can make a difference and catch things earlier. 

Thank you all for your continued love and support, thank you for taking care of yourselves (this is a challenge I wish on no one else!) and thank you for sharing this and reminding your loved ones to check their breasts. 

And if you're feeling generous and want to do me two favors, October is a great month to buy some awesome pink things which will contribute to resources to help me find my cure (I'll be posting some fun lists all this month!) 

Lots and lots of love and healthy wishes