Note: You can also add overripe strawberries! Nom!
I have been a blog posting slacker. I admit it. Because Summer is for being outside, and because I was traveling a ton, and because I lacked structure. I like structure, it keeps hoodlums like me in check.

 People always ask me how I stay so positive and somewhere on the list between my amazing, supportive friends, and shoes is food. Because part of what fuels me everyday to be positive, is, well what fuels me. Literally. As in the food I put in my tummy. Hence, Tummy Tuesdays. I'm a genius.

With treatments still ongoing, and with the overall badness looming that is getting seriously sick again, my number one priority has become taking really good care of my body. And that starts with the things I put into it. Now, I am no Kris Karr. I love all food, and I believe eggs benedict fuels my soul. I had it for brunch saturday AND sunday. I still remember when chemo destroyed my taste buds and made everything taste like rotting metal, and it has only made me appreciate the deliciousness that is food even more. Deprivation is not my strong suit. Life without a little fat is just not worth living.

Don't get me wrong, I love fresh things, I love vegetables, I have the taste buds of an SF-raised hippy. Green things are tasty and an important part of my diet and I try to get as much of them in all their nutritional bounty as possible. Sometimes, though, I get lazy. Also tired, and occasionally, nauseous. When that happens, this easy, protein-packed smoothie is what gets me over the hump in the morning (did you know sometimes hunger causes nausea? Chemo 101.) I'm pretty sure this is the easiest smoothie ever made, and I balk at even calling it a recipe, but you love me so you let me get away with these things.


Chocolate Banana Protein Pick Me Up

easiest smoothie ever

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