I mean, I kid I kid but in all honesty I am borderline tanorexic... It's a problem. I just feel better about myself with a tan. And I can tan naturally, but in my age and wisdom I have learned to shun the sun's damaging rays like a vampire. Which is why it's so sweet to have so many amazing, easy to use faux sun products to choose from. There is the right product for you - it's just a matter of finding the right formula, texture and color to make you love fake tanning (as in a tube, not a sunbed, ahhh the horror.) Your perfect match is out there I swear!

These are my favorites (and yes, I periodically use them all)

Faux Sun Bathing

ST. TROPEZ TANNING ESSENTIALS Self Tan Perfect Legs Spray $18 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Express Self-Tanning Kit for Face & Body $22

BARE MINERALS Faux Tan Body $26
TARTE Brazilliance with Mitt $37
ASOS Fancy Heart Shaped Glasses $11

And here's a great pic of my (faux) glow, just in case you don't believe me :)

You can read ALL about why I love each on of them, and more, on my new Luvocracy Beauty Board! I don't normally like to link and ditch, but I'm still recovering from last treatment so you'll just have to mosey over there and check them out, or just trust me and buy them here anyways ;)

aka the most tan girl you know
and yes, I do use them year round I just blend in some body lotion to tone it down in the winter... I live in California, sue me