So, fun fact about chemo - one indicator that it's working is horrible folliculitis/acne. I mean horrible. Having been blessed most of my life with relatively good skin, I felt like I was hit by a truck. A painful, itchy truck. 

Another fun fact about chemo - while it turns you into a pizza face, it also dries out/ages your skin, especially hormonal cancers like BC which can trigger fun things like early menopause. 

Does this combo seem fair to you? Me neither. 

So there I was, feeling like a pimply-faced, dried-out prune, and feeling sorry for myself...

And then I found Perricone MD. At the time, I was living in Oakland, and Fourth Street in Berkeley is basically Chestnut street in San Francisco but with a Crate & Barrel Outlet store. And so, sometimes when I was feeling homesick for the Marina (yes, it happens, you locals judging me I don't care) I would go to 4th street. And there was this delectable menu of skin treatments that were basically promising magic and I thought, why not? Worse case scenario someone rubs my face for 30 minutes. 

I walked out a convert and begged for a package for xmas. I mean, I could see the difference immediately. After one treatment! One treatment! 

The machine they use is also used in dermatologist offices but it literally costs thousands of dollars per treatment. Plus, you get the potent, NATURAL skincare products from Dr. Perricone, who is sort of a genius, and who's emphasis on natural, super effective products is world famous. 

Let's just say it's my happy place. Having bad skin makes me very,  very sad. But then I go here, they whip out these science magic wands that gently exfoliate, and then boost collagen, kill acne bacteria, tighten, firm, beautify, moisturize your face and send you home glowing and smooth. 

And it's not one of those places where you come out all red and puffy and then like 4 days later your skin looks good - it looks good immediately. Acne melts away. Everything is tighter. It's the ultimate instant pick me up. My only warning is that it's dangerously addictive.

It also needs to be said that the whole team there is super awesome. Hopefully some of them will be at the Pink & Silver Party in person so you can meet them. They have the best energy and I swear, it makes a difference. Very healing. 

And in the vain of them being awesome, the Berkeley Perricone MD has generously donated 5 of their unbelievable Electro Stim combo facials ($250 value) + travel sized products AND Dr. Perricone's awesome recipe book(another $100 value) to make up one amazing gift bag of skin magic. 

More about the facial:

The Electro-Stim Lifting Facial is paired with a light pore cleansing treatment to purify the skin of pollutants and environmental build-up. Instantly tightens pores and minimizes their appearance over time. Ideal treatment for skin showing signs of loss of elasticity, fatigue and dullness. 

Want to get one for mama (or you?

100% of your purchase goes to benefit the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF) and I am selling the gift bags for a super score price of just $90. Because I love your moms (slash you) and I want you to be able to treat yo'selves.

Buy it here!