Sometimes I feel like my two jobs are staying hydrated and fighting off side effects. In my quest to find more natural remedies, my mom dragged me along to her herbalist/acupuncturist and I have to admit it's been really totally helpful. There is something to be said for a combo of western science magic and "alternative" therapies.

My acupuncturist was the inspiration for his recipe because he got me hooked on lemon water (anti-bloat, good for "detox"), ginger powder (amazing for nausea) and the special honey called Manuka honey, which is supposed to be highly antiseptic and good for the immune system. In fact, he warned me that only this kind will do and so, thank you amazon, it is listed by brand specifically.

If you're as lucky as I am, your mom's friends have lemon trees and will bring you buckets of sweet meyer lemons, but really any kind will do.

Oh, and of course, the ginger is organic (from India, not china if you want to get real nitty gritty)

Power lemonade

What you need:
 6-8 Lemons per gallon of lemon water (I make this in bulk and keep it stored in the fridge)
cup of hot water
tsp honey
organic ginger powder

Do the night before:
Juice the lemons, then throw them in a closable gallon container. I love mason jars. Fill them all the way up with water, close and stick in the fridge.


Heat up some hot water to not quite a boil. Pour into a small cup and mix with 1tsp of honey for every 8 oz of water you plan to mix it with. While the mixture is cooling, poor the lemon water into a cup with a dash of ginger powder to taste. Shake it up really well. When the honey water is cool, add it to the lemon water, mix really well, and serve.