So, fun fact about me. I love to exercise. When I worked in a building with a gym I was notorious among my coworkers for my love of exercise. Exercise makes me happy. Class instructors love me because I end up with this big grin on my face whenever things "hurt so good." 

I do it all, strength training, classes, read fitness magazines and actually do the workouts (I actually clip ones I like and I have a big binder full of them), buddy workouts, go to the gym for a friend date instead of brunch, etc etc etc I even used to take first dates to the gym to see if they could keep up with my crazy workouts. 

So you can imagine how hard it has been for me during the last 8 months of not being allowed to exercise. I mean, most of the time I couldn't, but there were times when I wanted to and my doctors were like - nope. Not only did I miss the stress release, the endorphins, the feeling of forgetting everything and just focusing on my body, I also gained 20 pounds from eating nothing but toast, not to mention the biochemical changes to my metabolism and my hormones. It sucked.

So, to say that I am over the moon that I got the greenlight from my onc to start working out again would be like saying Fenway likes to nap. Basically, duh.

And with that thought in mind, I decided to share with you some of the workouts I have been doing that I LOVE LOVE LOVE (PS, yes, I used to work at 

Here is two to start, more to come! Happy sweating.


If you are too busy to work out for an hour, or on vacation, or as a nice little cherry when you are going to workout, I like to do this quick power up first thing in the morning. It wakes you up real good, it hits pretty much every muscle and it takes 5 minutes. #noexcuses

plank 1 minute (basic, side, plyo, dynamic)
lunges 20 each leg (reverse, elevated, twist)
push ups 10 - 20 

**There are about a million variations on each one of these exercises, so I will switch it up if I am doing it multiple days in a row. Also, I usually don't have equipment, so I don't use it, body weight is usually enough! 

I used to love spin class. I read all these articles about how good interval training is (burns more calories in the same amount of time as sustaining the same, moderate pace, blah blah blah) but I also like to read while I am cardioing and it can be hard to force yourself to do intervals. It just requires a lot of focus and attention. Pffft. 

Enter my own invention, the cardio ladder. I do it on the elliptical but I imagine it would work just as well on a treadmill, stairmill, rowing machine, whatevs. 

Here's how it works. 

Start at resistance level 1. Do that for one minute. 
Then go up to 2, do that for one minute. 
Then 3, and on and on as high as you can go.
I try to keep the same pace as I raise the resistance, which I totally stole from spin class. 

I'll do 3 of these, starting over the counter every time, for a total of 60 minutes. 

So if I space out I know that whatever minute I am on, that's what level of resistance I should be at. 

It looks like this (actual picture of me doing it):

I find this to be much, much easier to follow then those crazy cardio charts in the fitness magazines I read, and I get bored with the pre-programmed ones on the machines.