I learned really early on that the difference between feeling horrificly bad and just a little bad is proper hydration. Even before hurricane cancer, my solution to everything from skin breakouts to bloody noses to headaches was "drink some water". And it works. But it's been over 6 months of treatment, and I am sick, sick, sick of water. I never thought it would happen, but it has.  I can't bear the taste of it anymore. It still reminds me of that terrible, metallic, robot crawled in my mouth and died flavor

But unfortunately for me, I still need to drink lots of liquids. Boatloads of it. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible I don't just float away. So, the amazing HBF got me a Sodastream, and that thing has changed my life (the bubbles really help with metal mouth, and it's just awesome to be able to make your own sparkling water whenever) and I started experimenting with juicing, and, drumroll please, making my own iced tea.

My creation..

Now iced tea is delicious. It is easy to make. And it can be good for you. This "recipe" (if you can call it that) has licorice and cranberry to help with the inevitable steroid/medicine bloating and a ton of yummy antioxidants (mostly from red roiboos) which are supposed to be amazing for your skin (something I can always use help with!) It's also delicious, flavorful, sweet & a little tart without any added sugar.

I save glass bottles (never plastic!) from store bought teas and reuse them, because I love the grab and go-ness of them, and it seems easier to store them in the fridge than a big pitcher.


Get Gorgeous + Weightless Tea

I use one teabag of each for about 16 oz of water. 

Let it steep for at least 10 minutes before pouring it in the glass bottles. Stick it in the fridge overnight. Yum!