"The Pink & Silver, Breast Cancer Sucks" party on May 18(not the 11th as previously stated) 2013.  Need I say more? Ok, I will. 

Right before my 29th birthday I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The plan was to throw a big party to celebrate the end of my treatment (and my cancer) in April, but unfortunately, I discovered a few months ago that the cancer had metastasized to my bones. Currently, bone disease is "incurable." Pffffft, I say to that. 

But I am not willing to give up my party. So instead I decided that I would throw a huge event to continue to raise awareness about breast cancer in young women, while also raising funds for an awesome local organization that really helped me when I was first diagnosed, the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. The BCEF provides emergency grants to cover medical/personal expenses for qualified applicants who have breast cancer. 

My cancer journey has sort of "gone viral" since I started writing about it on my blog (Dameazon) and, has since been featured in everything from Refinery 29 to dozens of fashion and lifestyle blogs. This is FREAKING AMAZING. It makes me feel like all this crap I have gone through might actually be worth something. 

I truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, believe that if just one young women catches her cancer early because of hearing my story, then everything I've gone through will be worth it. 

And, I hope to continue this mission, to raise awareness, pinkness, sparkliness and self boobie love, by throwing a big, fancy party, which gets lots of press coverage and reminds girls to check their breasts. 

The plan is get tons of pink & silver decorations, pink antioxidant rich cocktails and a strictly enforced pink/silver/black/white dress code (I MEAN IT, I WILL LITERALLY BOUNCE THE DOOR MYSELF)

More details to come, I just found an AMAZING location! 

People keep making other plans for this weekend and I want you to stop and come to my party, so I am saving the date now, without a location or other details. Just block out the whole day. Thanks. 

See you there,