I like to tell people I ordered my boyfriend on the internet. Really, technically, it's called "online dating" but since he's so amazing, sometimes I feel like I custom ordered him. Given that this is possible, why is it so weird to imagine that I could also become close friends with people whom I have never "met." Or in this case, have met but only via the wonder of technology.

I am a REALLY big fan of my internet friends (one of whom I got to meet in person last week, and it was AH-mazing) one of whom I will get to meet at her wedding, which I am so excited about.

I remember being a kid and having "pen pals" - friends in another city, state, country - who we got to write to, and get to know. I loved having pen pals, and now that I am a grown up, I think I love it even more.

There are so many amazing, positive, incredible people in the world, why should we be limited to those in our own physical space? Travel has never been easier, staying connected has never been easier, and building real, special, inspiring relationships with people has never been easier.

Sure, I hear the argument all the time that technology is interfering with people's ability to connect in a real way in the real world, blah blah blah. Maybe that's true for some people, but it's not true for me. I don't know how I would have survived the last 6 months of hell without the internet --without the ability to keep up with the people I love, to get messages of love, support and humor, and of course, without my special, we-met-on-the-internet friends.

So, while I may not be hitting up chat roulette anytime soon, I am so grateful for the internet and for the people I can connect with because of it.

lots of love,

P.S. I had an amazing time with my "twin" this last week. We ran around the city blonde + pink haired (and full bellied, I think we ate our way through the city) and it was freaking awesome. And I would never have met her without the power of the internet!

Getting our hair did. Yup, WE HAVE HAIR!!

My mom, the hairstylist behind our blonde hotness...
Wigging out at the Flipside Wine Tasting at the Old Mint

A little sneak peak of the pink awesomeness...(more to come)