Hey SF Party People,
I am writing this special post because tonight is a very special event! I am so proud of my friends who were involved in planning it, and I want to encourage any of you who don't have something important to do tonight to throw on a cocktail dress and come and meet me here.

Last year's event was really spectacular and this year's event should be just as awesome.

Here's a little more about it, from one of the amazing organizers:

The event is the International Museum of Women (IMOW) Art Live Lounge Gala 2013, organized by the Vanguard Circle. 

IMOW is an innovative online museum that inspires creativity, empowerment and awareness on vital global issues for women. The Vanguard Circle is a group of young professional women in the bay area who support IMOW's fundraising and outreach efforts.  After attending several events over the past two years, I joined the committee this year -- it has truly been a wonderful and inspiring experience.  

The cornerstone to our fundraising plan is the annual Art Live Lounge gala.  Last year’s event, at the City Club of San Francisco, was a huge success.  The team honored Marissa Mayer with the Award for Innovator in Technology and raised significant proceeds to benefit IMOW's award winning exhibitions that strive to advance the lives of women around the world through art and global action.

And here is the facebook event.

Last, but not least, here are some pictures from last year (yes, I have hair)

Love you,
Hope to see you there!