The reality of being sick is that you spend a lot of time at home. You need to rest a lot, plus you know that your home is relatively germ free (a huge plus during the cold/flu season) and your home becomes so much more than just a place to crash after work and in between parties. 

Since my capacity is limited, I had been slowly packing for almost 3 weeks before the big move. I realize now how hard it was for me to spend all my time in a messy, cluttered space filled with boxes. The apartment was starting to feel like a prison cell - one filled with daunting tasks that I barely had the energy to complete.

Being sick has forced me to slow down. Way, way down. When before a room the size of my car was all I needed (because I barely spent any time there except time sleeping, it was always go go go) now suddenly I spend all day, everyday at home. And while I love my home, it was also starting to feel a little bit like a prison cell. One filled with mess, and things I was too tired to do.  I think that was part of what was really bumming me out.  

So much of the response I got from my last post was about finding inspiration in everyday things that bring you joy. I was wallowing in all the things that I couldn't do. But I know that you can't just expect someone to come along and hand you happiness if you're in a dark little cave hidden away where no one can find you, burying your head under some rocks and feeling sorry for yourself. You have to open  up your eyes, and see all the blessings that are right in front of you. You have to seek out your bliss, because if you look you can find it in a thousand little things every single day. 

And so with that in mind, I decided it was time to (finish) unpacking, and really work on making my home feel more like a magical retreat/paradise, someplace I would choose to spend all this time in. And I have to say, it's not so hard considering the view:

And so I wanted to share (brag) some of the ways that I have turned my home into a space that is beautiful, inspiring, relaxing and comforting - it's a combination of Steve's amazing art and my desire to constantly be surrounded in a pile of pillows and snuggly blankets. 
I was going for a Trina turk themed tent in Africa feel..

The "library" - it's a great place to curl up with a book.
The skull is Bob, a spirit of intellect from Harry Dresden,
I am obsessed with the books (about a wizard detective) 

The chair is basically just Fenway's bed
but sometimes its nice to be somewhere else comfy 

My bedside table - that blue thing is a pillbox!
So much more relaxing than that plastic behemoth I used to keep by the bed! 

Fenway's office, his to do list just reads "Nap"

The dining room table centerpiece
featuring lots of fake flowers
Close up of the coasters
We call this the blue wall - we are so creative...

The fireplace in the "library"

Can you guess which book is mine? Hint, it's not Jay Z Decoded