I find inspiration in lots of places - but mostly the show Parks & Recreation.

This show is sort of like my bible. Now you may think I find the over-achieving type A Knope to be the source of this inspiration (and my chemo prep lists and love of organization, calendaring and  binders might prove that theory) but in reality I worship at the alter of Brenda.

For example:

I have always been good at "taking care of myself" and by that I mean what I like to call the doctrine of "treat yo self".

And when you are sick, and facing a chronic condition with lots of monitoring and daily vigilance, where stress is the enemy of good health, this mantra serves you pretty well.

I believe it's important to treat yourself like you love yourself, and to me that means a little (lot) of at home pampering.

And so, as I mentioned previously,  for me that means moisturizing and facialing myself back to mental health.

It doesn't have to be expensive - sometimes I just rub vaseline on my hands and feet and put socks on them. Or put some wet tea bags in the freezer and then place them all over my face. I've been known to rub olive oil in my hair (when I had it) or to go to Sephora and sample EVERYTHING like a mini DIY facial. (Which is, side note how discovered Dr. Jart in the first place - I was like, whoa this stuff feels and smells amazing and I swear my skin looked better overnight. LOVE LOVE LOVE my care package from Dr. Jart so much there are no words. My skin has never felt so silky!

And so it was with cosmically good timing, as I continue on my road to treat myself back to emotional health, that I received a gift of  THE CLARISONIC OPAL. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES, the same one I wished for here!

This thing is soooo cool! #1 my eye bags have basically become a baggage terminal from all the crying I have been doing (happy tears and stress tears both) and having this magic wand gently massage this luscious serum under my eyes felt like kisses from angels. I mean my eyes were so puffy they hurt, and now they feel like happy, well loved little pillows.

The hardest part is resisting the urge to use it over and over again (IT FEELS SO GOOD)

So thank you thank you thank you Clarisonic! And thank you people out there who are sending so much love and good energy my way, because while I am doing my facials I also read all your notes and meditate on all your love bathing me in healing light.

So much love I don't even know what to do with myself,