Today's Mission:
Here's the thing - being sick sucks. You hurt, you say stupid stuff without even realizing it because you are so in your body that your brain gets just like an itty bitty teeny bit of resources to work with. You have to write everything down or it just vaporizes into the ether like you never heard it or knew it existed. Oh, and getting out of bed is tantamount to back to back spin classes, after binge drinking the night before (complete with the spins x100) Yesterday I cried, ALL DAY. I know I am the queen of positive thinking but I went into this shame spiral where I was trying to do some paperwork for taxes and then I started looking at pictures of bad mastectomies. It's basically the cancer equivalent of spending all day on your ex-boyfriends facebook page looking at pictures of his new girlfriend in a bikini after you gained five pounds It's modern sadism. Why do I torture myself like this? Why? I don't know, but it's going to stop. Well, to be honest it stopped all on it's own, because the universe has got my back - or at least the amazing, generous, big hearted, smart, tech savvy, frankly incredibly good-looking people, who populate the universe have got my back. So here's what happened: #1 An old friend from the jewniverse reached out to me about this insanely gorgeously designed tool to help people with cancer connect with their community to tap into much needed resources (please note, the founder is rock solid hottie)Read the tiny print - trust me... And so I went to my support generals - the also astonishingly attractive Gabi Moskowitz (aka BrokeAss Gourmet) and Jordan Gill, (husband to the ridiculously gorgeous and, much to my utmost jealousy, exceptionally on top of everything and organized Shira Gill**)and they told me they would help me (again) and I decided that as hard as it was for me to ask for help  that help was what I needed and so I very quickly and very easily made this BEAUTIFUL page and of course, because I am the freaking luckiest girl in the world, in less than 24 hours I have raised enough to cover my health & medical expenses for the next 2 months. AMAZE. How lucky am I?  < Oh, and of course it must be mentioned that this was in no small part because my darling, textbook hottie Edie (aka the Bad Ass Jolie O'Dell) took a break from single handedly taking down sexism in tech advertising to give me a shout out.
Life lessons courtesy of my latest obsession Christin with a Ch
And THEN, if that wasn't enough to make me feel like I was being surrounded by all the love and hugs and good vibes that the universe had to spare, my best friend from college shared one of my blog posts and this amazingly hot, super-sweet blogger Christin with a C-H  saw it. She is like, an adorable hilarious cup of sunshine and I have spent all morning reading her blog (do it, seriously, laugh therapy)and because she is so kind and big hearted she did two things she shared my story with Grace Atwood of Stripes & Sequins (of which the sparkliest girl in chemo is obviously a huge huge fan) and Grace acted as my fairy godmother and connected me with the  coolest people at Clarisonic & Dr. Jart to get the MOST CUTTING EDGE & AMAZING help with my chemo skincare woes. Oh, and Grace wrote me the sweetest note and I felt like such a nerd because I turned into a total fan girl and started talking about how I steal her outfits all the time. #oops
Christin & Grace - are these not the sparkliest, most gorgeous women you have ever seen? And that HAIR. DROOOOL
2) Christin made this awesome blog post about me, which has resulted in a flood of not only support but some of the kindest, sweetest messages, notes and positive energy a girl could ask for. So universe, I get it. We had a rough couple of days - what with the allergic reaction to the taxotere, and the "IV infiltration" where my poor over used vein finally gave out/got punctured releasing a painful, burning golf ball of toxic chemicals into my wrist, and the crappy body aches, and of course the foot in mouth syndrome. But we have moved on, we are in a much better place. Without the bitter we couldn't taste the sweet. ">Thank you universe for being so filled with so many awesome, sweet, good looking, generous people. Keep up the good work. ** Shira is also the other of this post - which is going to be my guide to moving with chemo/staying organized despite chemo brain