I think things have gotten a little heavy around here (and I mean, I guess it had to happen, damn you hurricane cancer) but really, this whole dark & stormy thing is just not me. Sad, or angry, or depressed, or whatever is just not my natural state of being and after about 4 hours or so I kind of nap and then revert to my natural state.

So after the last few days of puffy eyed, puppy-hugging emo, I woke up this morning kind of like, "OK, I can do this, this is not so bad." And then I noticed that in my attempt to self soothe I had literally wrapped my entire family, including myself, in layers and layers of plaid.

Now, I know this makes me terrible and superficial, but I like things. I can't help it, I just take a lot of pleasure in things, simple things, but things none the less. They make me happy. And one of the things that makes me happy, and comforts me in an almost primal way, is flannel and plaid.

I think if I thought about it a little (which clearly I did this morning) my dad wore a lot of flannel plaid. I have many found memories of comforting plaid hugs as a child. There is something about being hugged by plaid that is both reassuringly strong and soft'n'cozy - like "I will protect you from bears and the elements, but I will also be soothing on your sensitive skin."

This is my Dad - this is, in fact a flannel (but not plaid)

Now, I know this stupid hipster movement came along and for a few years they ruined plaid for everyone but the most die-hard of the j-crew fans, but I think that's over now. Or at least it is in my house, where I live in plaid, have created a plaid heaven in our bed (where I spend a sizable chunk of my recovery time) and have added a sizable amount of plaid to HBs wardrobe (the better to hug me with, obvi)

So please enjoy this plaid explosion, I hope that you find it as comforting as I do.

xoxoxo (lots of plaid hugs)

See - look how happy I am in my kitty hat and my plaid

How could this NOT make you happy? PS totes vintage Etsy find which had hideous sleeves that I DIYed off  #boom

I'm in this pile of plaid somewhere, I swear

We're smiling that big because of the plaid scarf

My family, in a pile of plaid
I will fight off the wild beasts, but I also give good hugs

More burrowing in plaid, (note the plaid pillow)

There's a theme here... and it involves piles of plaid...