Hello my loves. Did you know that all your prayers and good thoughts WORKED. I mean, most likely the science magic "helped" but I can't help but feel like all the love I get makes the medicines more effective. I feel like I have loved my misbehaving cancer cells into submission.

So here's what the scans revealed:

1) There are no signs of disease in my right breast. That's right NONE. Goodbye 6cm tumor, kiss my tush.

2) There is some activity in my left breast but it corresponds exactly with a fiber adenoma I have already had biopsied, twice. They will keep an eye on it and I suspect there might be another biopsy in my future but for now, there does not seem to be any additional treatment indicated by this.

3) The bone spots they saw in the CT & the Bone Scan are not lighting up. The doctor said they are " not avid". I have no idea what this means because I just got a voicemail- she called while I was in the shower doing this:

Here's what I do know. The way the PET scan works, they inject me with some nuclear reactive sugar water and then I lay perfectly still for 30 minutes. Because I am still and not using my muscles, only the tumor cells which are overactive and being bad and replicating when they are not supposed to (and my brain which is providing vital body function) gobble up the glucose. Then they take a picture and see what "lights up" - aka what was eating all that glucose while I was resting. The test is so sensitive that I was not allowed to read because my "eyes would light up" or listen to music because my "ears would light up." This test is cray.

The fact that the bone mets didn't light up is good - it either means that they aren't currently gobbling and dividing, or they are otherwise non-reactive. It could be because of the treatment being effective and stopping their evil work, or it could be something else (sometimes the PET scan just can't read these bone mets suckers according to the VM). IT DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE GONE.

Unfortunately, this is what incurable cancer means. I still have cancer, the cancer cells are still there - they just aren't growing, forming tumors, spreading and being generally evil to my body. They are microscopic and unscannable (the canny little buggers.)

A clean scan is still exactly what we want, because it means that I am going to do really well on treatment (whatever that will be, I will know more what the plan is tomorrow) and it means that in the future, should they jailbreak, I should be able to battle them back down again with chemo (g-d I hope not, but nice to know the option is there.) The bottom line is a clean scan means that my cancer responds well to treatment, which means I can go on to live a long, almost normal life, until the time when science catches up to my disease with a cure.

I will be celebrating with a cheeseless, sauceless veggie pizza (it's actually really good! you should try it!) and hopefully a full nights sleep. I'll be honest, I still feel like crap from all this wrist/tummy/chemo business but WHO CARES. WHOO HOOOOOOO.  As soon as this chemo is done (which should be only 7 more weeks!) then I am going to throw a big, huge party and everyone is invited to SF to celebrate with me.  It will be "cocktail attire"- start planning your outfits.