I had been warned about this "metallic mouth taste" side effect of the chemo. I bought the plastic utensils. I was ready.

And then it hit and it wasn't like "oh, let me stop using metal utensils - all better!"

It was like - my mouth tastes like a robot crawled into it and died - ALL THE TIME.

I imagine this is what licking a dirty traffic sign tastes like.

I couldn't eat more than two bites of food without wanting to vomit. Everything I tried to eat tasted like metal poisoning. 

So I tried all the plans I had in place before hand, and of course none of them worked.

Thank goodness for the internet! I went online and I found some things that did actually work. So well did they work, that by the time it was ready to poison my body again with a new fresh batch of chemicals, my taste buds were back to normal. Whoo hoo!

So here's what worked for me (and what didn't but worked for other people, def worth a shot everyone is different!)

  • Eating pickles, olives, marinated mushrooms and other fermented foods before a meal. Something about them cut through the metal flavor - not only did they taste delicious but they actually made the rest of the meal taste delicious too.
  • Club soda, who knows why but it worked. Regular water tasted like jet fuel but carbonated water tasted good. I got a Soda Stream from "Santa" for xmas because plastic bottles cause breast cancer and HB was appalled by the cases of bubbly water filling our recycling bin, and it is like the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • Using plastic utensils instead of metal (*note: this didn't work for me but other people swear by it. Because I am also on a low fat, low spice, low flavor, low fiber, low fun, low love diet to combat my world class chemo induced heartburn I found that the metal utensil flavor was tastier than the dead robot flavor, the plastic utensils were just too plastic for me. But you may be allowed to eat real food in which case this could really help you.)
  • Gargling with baking soda (*note- this also prevents mouth sores, it's sort of a chemo must)
  • Teeth whitening strips. I stumbled on this one by accident, and you should be careful about teeth sensitivity and consult your doctor first, but the bleach or whatever temporarily banished the dirty sign flavor in my mouth.
  • Mints or gum (*didn't work for me but other people like it)
  • Sucking on ice cubes while you get your injection. (I admit to being lax on this one last time because the benadryl pre-treatment knocked me out and I slept through the infusion. Low and behold I get a mouth/throat infection AND metallic mouth. Coincidence? I think not. So this time I forced myself to stay awake and freeze my mouth. Fingers crossed people.)

I love food, so basically, this side effect blows - but HB seems pretty happy beginning every meal with anti-pasti so I guess there's always a silver lining :)

Don't take your ability to taste food for granted people!