Want to recreate this hotness? I know I do. Amber Rose you are my baldspiration. 

Here's the formula:

bow + fierce cat eye + glossy pink lips + bling + drawn perfect brows = HOT

Here's what you need:
  • Red fabric (I chose velvet because it feels good on my sensitive bald head)
  • Black liquid eyeliner (I have been obsessed with Eyeko since before I was the sparkliest girl in chemo and my shopping soulmates Tartans & Sequins hearts it too if you don't trust me ;))
  • Pink Lipgloss (I'm still looking for one - any recommendations??!?!? please help!)
  • Gold Tear Drop Earrings (I found these for $12.99)  
  • Precision Drawn on Brows (Thank g-d for Anastasia Brow Kit with Stencils)


When you have barely any eyelashes and anemic brows and no hair, eyeliner is your best friend...which is why this cat eye video (by the make-up artist responsible for Kate Moss's signature meow) CHANGED MY LIFE. 

Kate, like Amber I also worship you.

The technique works with liquid too (and actually this Elizabeth Arden eyeliner she recommends is also FAB, super great, highly recommend, especially for a daytime look when you don't want to deal with the liquid or you want something softer.) 

Happy Hotness,