Hey lovers, today I got some bad news that is hard to share because we really don't know enough to satisfy all of the questions yet. So here it is: the cancer has metastasized to my bones. I am now considered "Stage 4" which means the cancer has metastasized and is "incurable". This most likely happened before I started the chemo and the chemo had been containing it until I switched to a new cocktail that doesn't seem to be working for me. Unfortunately, we won't know what the treatment plan will entail until I do a PET scan next week. I will no longer need a mastectomy because the cancer has already metastasized. It is unclear whether I will have a lumpectomy or just radiation or nothing (will know more after the scan) It is unclear how exactly we will manage the bone disease (that's what the doctors call the cancer in my bones) but there are some amazing drugs out there and my doctors are working on a great plan to heal my bone lesions and contain the disease. Unfortunately metastatic cancer is "uncurable" so we will now be shifting our treatment away from "curing" the cancer and towards managing, containing and healing the cancer until science catches up with it for a cure. Besides no mastectomy, I also get to stop the awful taxotere - we'll know after the scan if another kind of chemo might help but right now the doctors are saying that I might be done with chemo (silver lining) and if it wasn't for the horrible reaction I had to the taxotere we might have caught this a lot later (silver lining) because I wouldn't have been scanned for a few months. It looks like we caught this so early by pure dumb luck, but because of that we have made it much easier to manage the incurable cancer in a way that makes it like any chronic condition, think diabetes. Unfortunately I won't know much more for another few weeks. All I know is that i have the best doctors, the best friends and the best support and together we will figure out a way to contain and control this cancer until a time comes when it can be cured. Xoxoxo Dena

Photo Published 4 years after this post was originally published, in September of 2017. Just so you know I really am doing OK. In fact, kind of great.