I have a very dear, very awesome friend who works at Benefit Cosmetics and when I was going through my "I feel hideously deformed - holy crap my eyebrows are going to fall out - I'm bald and my head itches - shame spiral" I gchatted her and I said, "Nger, remember when you did my makeup for Coachella and I felt so beautiful. Will you do that again?" and she said "F yeah, I will come over and do your make-up and bring you some bomb ass pho from turtle tower." And she did (and sadly, I could not keep it down, but it was the most delicious pho ever) and then she did my make-up and we had one of those amazing conversations that I still think about pretty much everyday. And then she wrote this super cool blog post about it called "How to... feel good"

And this is the truth - playing with make-up, eating pho and talking with a good friend is definitely how to feel good. Even if you are going through the worst thing anyone could possibly go through (or possibly even more so, because you appreciate everything good in your life so much more.)

Love you so much,