So, as you know if you have read this blog at all, I have been in an ongoing battle with my head. It's been really hard. In the eternal theme of man makes plans and g-d laughs, I developed a horrific scalp infection that made it impossible to wear a wig, let a lone a hat, or even a light scarf. It was terrible. I was a mess. I cried and cried and cried until it plunged everyone - me, HB, Fenway, into a funk that was heretofore unimagined.

My previous optimism was a forgotten shadow. My energy was low. My nausea and headache got worse. I couldn't sleep. It was a shame spiral of a snowball into hell. Everyday I stressed more and it made everything worse. The positive, shiny Dena that we all know and love was nowhere to be seen. Which only made me hate myself, which made me cry more. And on and on it went. Down, down, down I spiraled.

It was a bad, dark couple of weeks (month? who knows, its all a black hole of despair) and then, I finally found the right combination of antibiotics (vibra-tab every morning), topical prescription creams (tretinoin, aka Retin A .05% and clyndomyacin, for those of you who are wondering) and pampering (yup, I got facials on my bald head) and the rash went away. But I was still scared to wear a wig, scared that the rash (which was also incredibly painful and itchy) would come back.

And so I made this pinterest board - BALDSPIRATION. And I stared at it for awhile. I made some more jewelry. I meditated. And things got better. And then I realized something - I actually do look pretty OK bald. I wouldn't do it on purpose, but without the rash I did kind of bear some kind of resemblance to my hero, amber rose.

And so I decided to stop clinging to the tiny, patchy, thin, (blonde?) fuzz on my hand and take control of the situation the only way I could. I was going to treat myself to a nice, shiny, tight hot shave at the sick barbershop across the street from our apartment (HB goes there to get his hair did too)

And you know what? IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME. MY HEAD LOOKS AMAZING. PLUS IT FEELS SO GOOD. I mean, I wish you all could touch my head right now. It feels incredible. It's soft and smooth and shiny and healthy looking.

The place I went to was dope, Charles (the eponymous owner of Charles Blades Barber Spa) has the best energy, and I literally felt like he was massaging good energy into my scalp while he did it. Also, it felt so good - like every step was another level of scalp massaging awesomeness. Also the place is dope. I mean, I want to go there and just hang out. Charles has also barbered for some serious celebrities which made me feel extra cool. It was all I could do not to ask if I could bring him home to live with me and HB and Fenway.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these awesome photos from my hot shave. Not gonna lie, it literally made me feel hot (as in sexy) for the first time since I had to give up my wig. And really, don't we all just want to feel hot sometimes?

Lots of love,