So, here's the thing - it was going to fall out anyway, right? So I might as well give it to someone else who could use it, and would hopefully get as much comfort in a crappy time as I get from my wig. To me this is just obvious, if I can't have my hair, then obviously I want someone else to be able to enjoy it! 

So right after I got my first cycle of chemo, I decided a little chop-chop was in order. In fact, it sort of gave me something to look forward to. Like, "hey you - instead of focusing on all the poison they are about to pump into your body and how awful you are about to feel – let's focus instead on how you get to help someone else."

So here it is, an easy, step-by-step guide on how to donate your hair. Hopefully it is already on it's way to a new home on someone else's head. 



*a padded envelope*scissors*small rubber bands*
*enough hair (check your organizations donation guidelines, it varies* 
*a clean space to do the cutting* 

It's also good to throw some cash in with your hair donation to help cover the cost of actually making the wig - these organizations also rely on fundraising to build and assemble the wigs. 

STEP 1: Put on some make-up

 I know, seems silly - but chopping off your hair can be traumatic even with the best of intentions. Give yourself a little extra loving to help ease the transition away from your locks!

STEP 2: Prep
Straighten your hair so you can get the maximum length for your cut and then divide your hair into several small ponytails, using the tiny rubber bands. The more ponytails, the less hair that will be wasted when you cut and the more you'll have to donate!

Step 2: Cut

Grip the ponytail and then make your snip ABOVE THE RUBBER BAND. This is so important, I cannot emphasize it enough! 

STEP 4: Have some fun with your new look
 Play around, take some crazy pictures. Bask in the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out someone in need. 

Step 5: Mail it in
Place the wrapped ponytails in tissue paper or plastic wrap to protect it during shipping. Don't forget that donation :)