Every year on the Jewish New Year I make resolutions (FYI Fall is a much better time to make changes and stick to them then high pressure January!)

These are mine this year:

  1. To be gentle with my body whenever possible and to own the strength that comes from knowing my own limitations and not trying to push them in an unsafe way. (Chemo, here I come)
  2. To find fun, wherever it may lurk in whatever surprising places on my journey. (Just because I'm sick, doesn't mean I am not allowed to have fun, right?!?)
  3. To acknowledge my fears, so I can own them - and not let them own me. (Hairloss * Missing Out * Dying)
  4. To be grateful, every single day. 

I am still open for suggestions - so let me know if you think of some good ones or have any awesome ones of your own...