(Please note, while writing this this morning I can feel a distinct sense of "chemo brain" so please be gentle with me)

I'll admit it - I over prepared for yesterday. I pretty much bought out the gatorade at target. I had a pre exercise shake, another bottle while waiting in the waiting room, and then I asked the nurse to give me the full saline bag (hydration is my jam).

I brought a cooler full of supplies, which I know refer to as "HB's arm workout" because all we ended up using were the popsicles and a single ice pack.

Right about the end of the injections I literally turned green and started to feel awful and nauseated with a bad headache. By the time we hit rush hour traffic I was clutching a bag and praying not to lose it. Thankfully I made it home in time, took something the doctors recommended, slept until about well, now. And this morning I feel tons and tons better (not amazing, but def not as bad as yesterday).

My nurse was awesome, my friends were awesome. Natasha's head scratches are like magic and Kate's sense of humor had me laughing so hard it hurt...

So, I guess all in all it really wasn't that bad, I can think of 3 things that have happened to my body in the last month that were worse.

Now my goal is to just to keep getting better and better everyday!

Here are photos to document my journey. Guess what - I am 1/8 done with chemo! whoot whoot!

Handsome boyfriend called this my "celebrity chemo paparazzi can't leave me alone look"
I just thought it was stretchy & snuggly 

Are we going backpacking? No. We are going overpacking! 
See guys! Not so bad!