Ok, let's be real here people. I have SOBBED myself to the point of dehydration about my hair falling out. The idea of spending the next 4 years at the lowest version of my personal self image and self esteem, waiting for my hair to grow back, well it's enough to reduce even a positive thinker like me to pits of despair. I don't care how cute I look with a shaved head, it wasn't MY CHOICE to get that way and so it's just one more way that cancer is f#$%& with my control of my own damn body. Whew, sorry, angry voice.

So today, instead of going backwards and feeling angry, let us look forward. Forward to the wonder of all that technology and people who get it can produce.

 Because yesterday I shaved ALL OF MY HAIR OFF. (I donated as much as possible first, DIY coming soon)

And yesterday I finally decided not to put myself through the slow torture of having my hair fall out. I didn't even shed a single tear.

PS. A big, big, big, big, Thank you so much for all of you who made this possible (#somuchlove)

I think instead of telling you all about it, I will let the photos (and some captions) speak for themselves.

xoxoxo Princess Chemo

Post donation, on the way to the shave...

Me & mama, entering the house of magic

mama shaving my head, not so fun for her

Sheila preparing my new hair!!!!


It's a "hair shower"

This was fun for about one minute....

And on goes the new hair!!