Ok, clearly I am the luckiest girl in the world. And I say this with 100% awareness of the fact that I have cancer. I am still the luckiest girl in the world. I have a kick-ass team of doctors who are like magical science wizards and I have a community of friends who are battling the darkness for my spirit. (Sorry, I have been reading a lot of fantasy recently.)

This is in no means a complete list of everything that everyone has done to support me but I wanted to share a few of the things that have made me cry buckets of happy tears, and laugh, and just kept me from falling into a pit of overwhelming self-pity and frequent panic attacks. I can breathe because of you guys.

And I am still struggling to find the words to express my gratitude (do you know how hard it is to make ME speechless?!?)

Also, just an update, I am officially Stage 3 Triple Positive Breast Cancer. However, do not let the Stage scare you. It's mostly used for things like research, treatment protocol and putting people into groups so they can figure out the best ways to make us better. My prognosis is really good, it's just that my treatment needs to be as aggressive as my tumor so we can kick cancer's ass.

#1 The UNBELIEVABLE Generosity of the people in my life

My friends GabiJordan & Adam organized a fundraiser that raised over $10,000... in a day. In a single, freaking day! And if that wasn't enough, each and every dollar came with a note expressing love, support, humor, grace and magical healing powers (ok, this last one is my interpretation, but I swear it's true!)

So I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who have given so far. And I'm going to do it by name at some point (unless you gave anonymously), so if you are shy - too bad - you shouldn't be so freaking awesome, ok?

I'm also working on setting up a trust that will be 501(c)3 so that all of you will be able to write off your gifts as tax deductible and there will be more information on that coming soon (and when I say I, I clearly mean handsome boyfriend because you know how I freak out about anything math/tax/finance related)


Plus this post which kind of made me feel like a rockstar.

#3 A POWER COOKIE RECIPE (this is no ordinary cookie)

Plus a box of said cookies and a freaking TRAY of macaroni and cheese that is so good it is possibly the only food I ever want to eat again. If you don't already read Brokeass Gourmet or own her book, go do that, immediately.

#4 These flowers & this care package, and a reminder that my life will go on after cancer...

Cancer can be so serious. (And it is! I know! I know!) But sometimes you need a break from that, and thinking about the treatment, and talking about medical details....yesterday this was my break. I will be dancing my face off at coachella, with most of my body in tact and cancer 100% gone. Thank you of reminding me of that (and also making me laugh) 

I also got this delicious goodie bag yesterday, thank you Nurse Gwen for sending me the most amazing smelling package. My whole mail box smelled like lavender! Just FYI I have already eaten both licorice, put the sachet in my underwear drawer and bragged about my hand sanitizer (which I know I will need buckets of once I start chemo.)