I know it's not the weekend anymore (I mean, clearly, I wish it was...) However while I was fantasizing about it being the weekend again I decided it was time to share with all of you what I have discovered...

The perfect weekend outfit.

Now let it be said, I do not use the word perfect lightly. Nay, I would be hard pressed to describe anything I do as perfect (maybe perfectly ridic?!) but I think I have struck pay dirt here.

What does one wear when one will be attending both a corporate battle of the bands, an intense errand running session and a day date with ones hunky bf? You must be cute/hot, but also comfortable enough to schlep around all day, presentable enough to meet one's BF's coworkers, and stylish enough that people in public will believe you work for a fashion brand.

So here are my ingredients:

1) Cute, comfy, visually-leg -extending shoes which can be worn all day without blister, pain or soreness aka the nude moccasin. Seriously, these things are amazing. They have the leg extending power of a nude heel with the all day comfort of a sneaker. Similar here in Taupe.

2) Hug your body like butter cutoff shorts. Mine are from Joe's but I used a groupon and the cutoff thing is VERY personal. But these ones are amazing so if you've got the dough by all means throw down. Or stay-tuned for a DIY post on cutoffs coming soon....

3) A well fitting black t-shirt. Black is both flattering and oh-so-chic. The one I am wearing here is actually a dress from H&M but I am tall and I like a little gather around the ol'tummy so it works perfectly as a top. The 3/4 length sleeve and higher scoop is also both flattering, temperature compliant and not too slutty.

4) A lady-like satchel that is big enough to carry the necessities. I got this beat-up old thing at F21 and I should have bought 3 because it is the perfect size for a day of adventuring and it matches everything. Also it always makes me feel a little posh.

5) An army jacket. This thing has a billion pockets and is somehow magically both warm and cold when it needs to be. Also, the cinched in waist makes me look somehow ladylike, despite the fact that I am vaguely dressed like a teenage boy. Sadly, I bought mine at Urban over a year ago but I believe you can find something similar there still or else check the internet because these things are easy to find.