Yup. I did it. I went there. Every few years the magazines say "Mixing patterns is so hot right now!" and normal people think - "Ha! You must be crazy!" I mean, let's be real here. About 90% of the stuff that they put in fashion editorials in magazines cannot be worn by real human beings in public. And when they give advice like "Pick different patterns in the same color!" sometimes it doesn't even look wearable on the models in the magazines. And if a model in a magazine can't wear it, welp, there's no hope for the rest of us.

Anywho, all of this disclaimer aside there are some fashion rules that I think are silly and have been shucked by the wayside. I mean, the canadian tuxedo is SO HOT RIGHT NOW and I wear black and brown/navy blue ALL THE TIME.

The old fashion mores are clearly dead.

So this morning I was staring at my closet. I had my base outfit set, but I just couldn't find an overshirt that suited my fancy. Everything was so blah. Also scratchy... And there, beckoning me like a soft, fuzzy red cloud was my favorite flannel. "But Dena!" my subconscious said, "You are already wearing a pattern!"

"So what!" I said to myself, "They both have black accents. They both have horizontal vertical pattern thingies going on. I'm gonna do it!"

And I did. What do you think? Did I pull it off? Please let me know!! (Not just so I can stop having conversations with myself...)