Let it not go unnoticed (mostly because I talk about it ALL THE TIME, like here and here and here)  that I wear a lot of graphic tees. One could say I am obsessed. I would say "yup" then I would say - but look at all the awesome ways that I can wear them! Like today, when it's gonna be an actual, real, sunny, summer-like day in SF and I also have drinks with an old old friend who now works at my favorite fashion blog and so I need to:

1) Look awesome
2) Not be so hot I sweat out my bangs by lunch
3) Look as cool as an old fogey like me can possibly look
4) Make people take me seriously as an actual employee at a fashion startup

Now let it be known that I love short suits. Like LOVE them. I literally am over the moon that they are in style right now. I am saving my money to buy this one from Nastygal.  But until then I will have to make due with throwing something together from my closet, including my favorite graphic tee and of course, nude shoes (yes, I do own none-nude shoes but I just don't love them as much!)

Ta daa!