Clearly,  I like telling people what to do.

 But since I was reading up on my Meyers-Briggs profile (FYI I am The Caretaker) I wanted to explore why I felt the need to do this in a very public way (aka writing a blog.)

According to aformentioned profile
 "The ESFJs aka Caretakers are very giving people, who get a lot of their personal satisfaction from the happiness of others."  

OOO, so me. 

So, with this thought in mind, I wanted to give you some insight into an article of clothing that I guarantee will bring you lots of happiness. And of course give me personal satisfaction. The kind that only comes from being surrounded by other people who look good.

And so, with my altruistic nature in mind please behold the wonder and power of the denim shirt and it's many uses.  

Also dudes, I am including you here as well because they look hot on y'all also.


Tied Up, Collar Popped, Blinged Out with some sassy shorts

Men's Denim Shirt from American Apparel
Shorts from Urban Outfittes
Purse Forever21
Watch from Casio
Neon Bracelet from H&M

Oh, look. Nude shoes! Surprise!

Bonus: Close up of my rad #armparty

But wait, there's more! Toss it over a tee and the same outfit becomes casual but STILL AWESOME.
(Correction: This is actually a different, "western style" denim tee from F21)

Confession: It's too small for me to button, but that actually makes it look awesome like this because the  rest of it fits so well

And if that wasn't enough:

I'm wearing it again today!! 


Seriously boys, this look is SO HOT