#1: If you haven't read this article on "28 Ways Sex & The City Would Be Different Now" stop what you are doing and go read it right now. Try not to dwell on how old it makes you feel that this show started 14 years ago.  That's only half your life, NBD.

Then, once you've done that. Come back here and meditate on this one, which is one of my favorites: "Carrie would be a blogger."

Amen. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Carrie (and really, she's the only one that's not an archetype, so didn't everybody feel like a Carrie?) But really, my boyfriend is kind of a hotter, less polyamorous Big. And my friends are kind of my life. And dating sucked a lot, until it didn't and then it was kind of a fairytale. Also I have a lot of clothes. Like a lot. And I love them like they are my children.

So ANYWAYS, today I am going with a group of said girlfriends to see a SITC drag show. And of course, this calls for an OUTFIT.  Captial "O" outfit. Because everyone dreams of dressing like "the girls", including a group of hot boys, apparently. 

So this is what I am wearing today. As you know I am obsessed with peplum, so clearly that was called for. 

Also, one cannot go see SITC without heels but since I am also the tallest of my group of friends by, oh 5 -10 inches, I went with some lower heels. But the cutouts keep them sexy, right?

 But I made them nude to make my legs look super long (Oh, optical illusion! How I love thee!) And of course because I live in a city that's confused about what summer is, I tossed on a trench coat. Half closet pervert/half stylish, right?

And of course, what outfit would be complete without an arm party? Not mine, that's for damn sure. 

Somebody pass me a sugar-free cosmo.