Those of you who know me (and really, who else is reading this blog?) know that I am obsessed with peplum. I have no waist. I have a flat belly (thank you pilates) but I am deeply envious of coke bottle women with banging curves. This is so not me.

Thankfully, about 2 years ago I discovered peplum aka the best cut ever. Peplum tops, peplum dresses, I don't care, I rock them and I LOVE that they give me the illusion of a waist. Also that they make me feel twirly. And fancy. Two things I pretty much can't get enough of. 

Here's a collage of some of my most favorite peplum looks, please note how much more like a 50's pin up I look like than when I wear my preferred style of drapey racerback. 

And here is where I take peplum to the next level—by pairing it with a comfy pair of wedges and denim cutoff shorts. Perfect for hopping around in the country and pretending you have a waistline. Also hopping onto unstable barbed wire lined fences. And looking like a bombshell while doing it.

This purse has nothing to do with peplum but I'm obsessed with it. It's from Forever 21, go buy one. 

Ditto my obsession with these shoes, which I got on sale for $20 at UO.