Hats are magical. They transform any boring-ho hum-blah outfit into something totally glam. They also block out the wrinkling effect of the suns rays and if you are a freckle-faced wonder like me they are essential.

The glam-ifying effects of hats are something I learned from my mama, who always looks freaking adorable in them.

(Yes, that is the same hat you saw here and yes, it does look better on her)

I decided to do an informal survey of the effects of introducing a hat into a boring, t-shirt based outfit and also a more festive outfit, to see what impact it would have. Based on this incredibly limited and basically irrelevant sample size I have concluded empirically that hats do in fact make any outfit look more glam (and also help battle the dreaded wind & spinning hair which plagues my life in summer SF.)

The evidence is documented below, enjoy.


Experiment 1: On the left, fresh faced, boring co-ed (ha, I wish but you get the point.) On the right, mysterious and elegant wannabe celeb. Which one would you follow on twitter?
Experiment 2: On the left—cranky, sleepy faced Dena.
On the right- well, it's impossible to make that face in a cool hat.

Experiment 3: On the left, a wind blown spinny haired disaster.
On the right, sleek and elegant Bardot/J Lo