So, as I may have mentioned before- there are ways to dress that flatter a um, robust, gal like myself. And then there are ways that don't.

I love today's outfit with all my heart and soul, but it really does break all the rules.

Take this baggy WHITE sweater. Let's be honest, the potential is there for me to look like the marshmallow ghost from Ghostbusters. There is nothing even pretending to give me the illusion of a waist here.

Plus I am a dirty girl who didn't get to wash her hair this morning so back it goes into a tight ponytail which does nothing for my uber broad shoulders but does give me a nice fake facelift feeling.

Then I put on my most favorite (yes I know that's wrong laz, don't care), least well fitting pair of shorts (leather, of course)

AND if that wasn't bad enough I broke the line of my legs by putting on matching black leather ankle crossing sandals. They look amazing with my bright pink toes but they do nothing good for the line of my leg (see nude shoes.)  I'm basically asking to look like a Mr. Potato Head.

So why don't I?

Ahhh, here's the lesson for today. Sometimes you need to break all the rules to follow the number one rule of dressing well, which is to be yourself.

My legs are my best feature. Always have been, always will be. The color-blocking and the "book-ending with black leather" immediately draw the eye to them making me look slender even though my top half resembles a comfy marshmallow.  Feels like one too (sigh) Also, I think the pure love I have for my leather shorts just radiates, making me look better in my outfit.

The result made my boyfriend nod his head and say "wow" when he saw me, so I'm feeling pretty good about a little rule breaking this morning.


When it comes to the ponytail, I gave it a little extra lift with a teasing comb (bigger the hair, closer to god, amen) and I put on a little extra eyeliner to draw attention away from my broad shoulders and up to my face.