The newest addition to my collection from Brandy Melville

Not sure whether this is the tail wagging the dog but my new job has caused me to introduce a LOT of graphic tees into my wardrobe. I had a grand total of four graphic tees in my wardrobe (and one graphic sweatshirt) before I started my new job... 3 SF Giant's shirts and a sweatshirt I got at a music festival (partly because I was cold.)

Now that I've started appreciating both the variety (and the hotness) of these shirts available I have a whole new drawer in my closet just for them. Also graphic tanks, but I count those as the same things.

They are particularly awesome when you want to throw on a relatively simple outfit (cutoffs +, jeans +) and have some flava. They are also great when you are in a particular mood and you want the whole world to know it. They also stand up really well to neon/sorbet accessories which I am obsessed with. All around a win/win.

Here is a look at some of my new babies and how I styled them. Prob prepare yourself emotionally for more to come :)


Black pants + Black Shirt = boring.
Black pants + Black Tiger Shirt = awesome. 

Power stance + American flag + Ryan = Coolest Webmaster Ever

You can't even see the graphic on this shirt but it matches the sunglasses and that makes it awesome.
So awesome I almost didn't mind having to wear a flannel and a puffy vest IN FREAKING JUNE.

I couldn't help myself. I just loved this photo. 

My self-cut Van Halen souvenir tee paired with my red striped bustier (also seen here) and this sick "every orange" lipstick  that my make-up Guru Natasha picked out for me. 

Oh look, it's the tiger tee again! But look how different it is when paired with the sorbet (foldable) sunglasses, my orange lipstick and this sweet orange jacket + cutoffs. 

Also lots of bracelets. Duh.

Flags are super hot right now. Also big hair. Well according to me.

Tie dye + graphic + pink sorbet jersey coat + jeans = comfy, summery and warm enough for summer in SF

(see the full post on this last outfit here)