Untitled #45

Converse shoes
£40 - johnlewis.com

BKE Falcon Fleur Jacket
$67 - buckle.com

Bonobos Men's Clothes
$98 - bonobos.com

Clearly red pants need more than just your average t-shirt, like this scary/amazing Givenchy Pierrot T-Shirt from the collection for Spring/Summer 2011. I mean, who knew Givenchy was making graphic tees? I must be doing something right!** Then, because if you wear red pants you are clearly a Bad "A" you definitely need a sweet jacket which seems oh-so-casual because it's got a HOODIE BUILT IN. Two for the price of one. Hazaaa! And of course, because you really don't need anymore flavor then you already have, BOOM, chucks. Look at you all, "I'm oh so casual in my flamin red pants." HOTNESS.

You're welcome boys.

**Obnoxious allusion to my somewhat secret new job which will be launching our BRAND NEW WEBSITE soon-stay tuned**