So sometimes I think the only reason my photographer thinks I'm so hot is because he is 6'5, which means that he is ALWAYS looking at me from the ever flattering downward angle. Also known as the Myspace angle (or Myspace "Angel" a clever mixing of the letters that never fails to illicit a chuckle from me.)

You will often hear me yelling at my photographers (and by this I mean my friends) "NO, downward. Downward angle! DOWNWARD!" because this is really the most universally flattering angle to be photographed at. It's very forgiving.

So how then, does one endeavor to create a "downward angle" all the time, even when one is not being viewed by an incredibly handsome/tall and also patient 6'5 hotness of a photographer? The answer is to play with how the eye travels along your body. Bright on the bottom. Tuck your shirt in.

These pictures were taken on my fishing trip last weekend and I think they do a great job of demonstrating this principle with a VERY simple outfit, no bling, no sparkles, no tie-dye. A splash of bright color and a neutral top, tucked in to fake the appearance of a waist and TA DAAA.

Sadly, I did not catch any fish...

Please note, the hat is adorable AND provides sun protection, BONUS

Never is the downward angle more important than when one is in a bathing suit. Also despite my face I did not catch a fish, I caught a tree...

Me hiding from a small thunderstorm in the trunk of my car..