So, in my new life I wear a lot of graphic tees. And this is AWESOME because they are adorbs and also totes comfy. I throw one on with some pants (leggings) and shoes (slippers/flip flops/TOMS) and off I go to work. Possibly just slightly more on the side of "comfy" than "adorbs"... aka I look like a bum. There, I said it. Felt good.

But, ANWAYS, so today I was interviewing interns. I wanted to look like someone who was actually qualified to supervise content for a fashion related website. Basically, I wanted to look stylish.

 I also wanted to wear a graphic tee (I find it helpful to be able to illustrate our business model with it, oh and I'm obsessed with them.) It's also like  -20 outside today (oh, summer in San Francisco).

These were the challenges I faced in dressing myself today.

So here's what I did.

This is my grownup face...

I paired one of my favorite tees (by Chaser, which I actually got on Ebay because I wanted it so bad and it was sold out everywhere!) with a slim-cut jean from Nordstrom rack and this crazy sleeved sweater/jacket from F21 circa 2007. Then I tossed my hair up in a high bun, which is I swear, 100% NOT because I still haven't washed my hair. (um, anyone believe me?) Then I put on some pointy flats (Nine West Circa 2006) and of course my Brandy Melville peace necklace and TADA... I look like an grown up right? I mean adult. Because I've been told grown ups don't refer to themselves as grown ups. 

Authors Note: Guys hate pointy shoes. My photographer kept cutting them off in the picture. Also my boyfriend makes dressing requests like "heel thingys, but not too pointy." It's because to them they look like witch shoes. Girls love them because they create the optical illusion of longer legs. Clearly I love optical illusion (see here, here, pretty much all of my posts.) So which is better, long witchy legs? Or man-friendly stumps? You tell me, I am dying to know.