Nothing screams Americana quite like a road trip. I love road trips. I'm sure my companions enjoy my childlike exuberance over farm animals and my insistence on listening to the same 3 songs over and over again. But somehow I manage to keep convincing people to go on them with me. 

A special part of these experience for me (some might call it an obsession) is the roadside attraction. Take "Old Faithful," tucked lovingly on the road that connects Middletown and Calistoga.  I never fail to be delighted by the site of it—even though I have never forked over the fee to see it. I think what I really love is the awesome 1950s mural, the liberal use of expletives (IT'S AMAZING!) and the totally appropriate use of comic sans font. 

Anyway, there we were, driving on the country roads, blasting country music, when I see the sign for Old Faithful. "Pull over," I tell my incredibly handsome photographer. What a better way to capture the "old faithful" combination of light denim and crochet then in front of an Old Faithful sign... Right? Or am I the only one that thinks this way? Anyway, here are the gorgeous photos my incredibly talented and patient photographer took. 

This is my tough model face..

Isn't this mural AMAZE?!?

But I don't wanna!!!! I am a horrible photo subject **My photographer is a saint**

Peace & Love Y'all
It IS Memorial Day...

Dress: Urban Outfitters Vest: Forever 21 (similar here) Shoes: Ecote 
Jewelry: Brandy Melville (Peace Necklace & Arrow Bracelet) Forever 21 (LOVE ring) Haight St SF (Peace Ring) Nails: Essie "Splash of Grenadine" (Best Color EVER)

**Author's Note: Liberal use of peace signs in this ensemb was in no way an intentional reference to memorial day. I have nothing but respect for the veteran's who have served our country. In fact my obsession with them, rather than just peace—which FYI I am way into—is that they remind me of my jetsetting best friend/wife who always wears one around her neck.**