So my friends and loved ones (thanks for reading y'all) have asked me if the blog has a "theme." Well, the answer is yes. It does have a theme. The theme is dressing cute. Specifically, dressing cute when you're a freaking giant amazon but also a hot dame (dame + amazon = dameazon, just FYI) and you want to be cool/hip/fashionable and have people say things like "wow, you're 5'10? really? you seem petite" (Ok, I just heard the last one for the first time two days ago but it totally counts.) And yes, so far there have been a lot of photos of me trying to look cute, but I thought before I tried to tell people how to dress cute and flattering I should prove that I actually know how to do it first.

That was a series of horrible run on sentences and I apologize but the point of today's post is lengthening so it seemed appropo to have a very long sentence to explain it. Right?

Ok, moving on. Anything with the word "lengthening" in it may seem counterintuitive when you're a big girl and want to look smaller but actually it just helps make everything look well-dispersed. Proportional. Thin. (I said it, don't hate me!) Like using a longer top to counteract the potentially widening effect of horizontal stripe (read more about that here) there are certain dressing tips that can draw the eye across your body in a certain way that is both lengthening and incredibly flattering.  

One of these tactics is affectionately known as a "statement necklace." The statement these necklaces make is obviously "LOOK AT ME, RIGHT HERE, NOT ANYWHERE ELSE, HERE!" This is also the reason this look is so flattering—it draws attention up the body to your gorgeous face, often in a way that flatters your collar bones (sexy on everybody, no matter what) and lengthens your elegant neck. 

I'm particularly obsessed with (all things) neon and this style also happens to be awesome for introducing it into an outfit in a less scary way. One artist—Dannijo—makes the most freaking amazing versions of these necklaces but at $450 a pop it's not the kind of splurge my wallet cannot absorb right now. So I decided to make my own. Boom.  This one cost me about $15 plus the nail polishes, which I already had.

So here is what I used...  

Essie "Splash of Grenada" 
American Apparel "Neon Red"
Forever 21 Crystal Necklace $15.80

I also used the plastic bag the necklace came in as a drop cloth so I wouldn't make a mess...
Then I painted some of the gems with different colors of polish to make a cool pattern. Tip: Put a drop on each stone with the very tip of the brush, not in strokes like you would if you were painting your nails.
And TADAAAA... gorgeous right? I let it dry overnight just to be safe.